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  • Microprocessor based Control Unit for Analog Devices ADF4116/17/18 family of PLL chips with reference frequency 10 MHz.
  • Frequency step 50KHz for carrier, 1KHz for IF setting.
  • Frequency control from 50 MHz to 3000 MHz as per PLL chips data.
  • IF settings plus or minus from 0 .000 to 999.999 MHz in 1 KHz steps.
  • User selectable RX or TX operation ,if in RX operation processor always adds or subtracts selected IF frequency.
  • Settings through 3×4 keyboard and rotary encoder,pushbutton switch on it instantly show on lcd the PLL locking frequency in RX operation.
  • Lock switch,all entries are blocked,switch for selecting between RX/TX operation.
  • All indications on a 2×16 dotmatrix display,blue or yellow   ,either will be sent except if certain variable will be asked.
  • Connection with PLL unit through 8 pin receptacle/ribbon cable(included).
  • Dimensions : 155(L)x60(W)x30(H) mm  130g
  • Operating  8~14 V DC 50mA
  • ASSEMBLED,TESTED UNIT,detailed application data and electronic diagram included.

A very compact unit covering all RF applications with the ADF411X family of serial controlled PLL chips and their equivalents(National Semiconductors).The flexibility to show the result of the selected carrier and IF frequency on the lcd screen,can be used whe mixing two frequencies and show the mixing the result down to 1KHz…Frequency coverage can be restricted to certain limits if needed,you may ask about it.

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 4 cm


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