RF Signal Generator / VFO 1MHz to 125 MHz SYM1655


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  • Frequency range :     1 MHz  to 125 MHz.
  • Frequency steps  :     10Hz,100Hz,1KHz,10KHz,100KHz,1MHz,10MHz.
  • 3 separate outputs through SMA female receptacles,i.e. OUT1= TX carrier output same as shown on lcd display,OUT2 = first RX LO ,difference between TX carrier and BFO ,continuously adjusted frequency plus/minus through RIT selection, OUT3 = RF IF frequency shown as BFO on display,continuously adjustable.
  • All output levels +12 dBm (16mW).
  • All controls through rotary switch/schaft,one toggle switch and two keyswitches
  • All indications on a 1.3” OLED LCD display.
  • Accepts rechargeable 3.7V Li-ION battery,on board charger/step up DC/DC converter.
  • Low pass MURATA filtering on MCU /clock generator supply lines.
  • USES HIGH STABILITY 25MHZ TCXO and not common crystal.
  • Power supply : 9~12 V DC 500mA external power pack ,for normal operation and battery charging,if used or directly from charged battery (pack not included).
  • Dimensions : 145 x 97 mm.
  • Assembled,tested unit.

This Frequency Generator is based on the well known Si5351A  programmable frequency clock generator,contrary to all fareast modules with simple crystals ,it uses a very stable TCXO module made by ECS(USA) with a frequency tolerance of± 2.5 ppm.The result is a very stable carrier and much less spurious. Can be used as a Signal Generator or a control unit for HF/VHF communications receivers,tranceivers,exciters. A brief opeation manual,schematic and detailed electronic diagram included.


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