Marconi TF 2005R A.F. Two-Tone Signal Source,great for SSB Applications!


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The instrument consists of two A.F. Oscillators type TF2100 and one A.F. Monitored Attenuator type TF2160/1 fitted into a rack mounting case.It is intended primarily to act as a low distortion signal source for intermodulation distortion testing of linear amplifiers.Intermodulation products due to connecting the two oscillators in parallel are better than 80 db below the level of output from either oscillator.

The instrument is used,in excellent cosmetic operation,tested but not attempted any calibration/adjustment,this can be done easily with a multimeter and oscilloscope.The front palel is totaly clear,there are some scuffs/scratches arround its body.

Original instruction/service manual included.

Price includes shipment within the U.K. ,for overseas shipment,kindly ask.

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Weight 14000 g
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 30 cm


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